Regrettably, FireDictionary doesn't work on Internet Explorer. Before you install FireDictionary, you have to install Firefox. If you haven't install Firefox, install it first and return to this page, please.
There are two installation steps. At first, you'll install FireDictionary, and then, you'll install dictionary content GENE95 which is used in FireDictionary.

Step 1 : Install FireDictionary.
There is an install file at Download page. Read a license carefully and click the 'Install' button. When you click the button first time, the sentence below appears on the top of your browser.

To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site ( from installation software on your computer.

By pushing the button 'Edit options...', which is right end of the sentence, change the setting to allow the installation from this site. You can start the installation by pushing the button 'Install' again after you change the setting.
Step 2 : Install the dictionary content.
Let's reboot Firefox after you finish to install FireDictionary.
By choosing a menu [ Tools | FireDictionary ], a sidebar, which is usually on the left side of your browser, and a description for the installation of the dictionary content are appear on your browser.

Please follow the direction to finish the installation.
Please reboot Firefox again if you finish the installation.

All of the installation will finish if the same description you saw last time doesn't appear when you choose a menu [ Tools | FireDictionary ].
Then you can use the dictionary function to go some web site that is written in English during opening the FireDictionary side bar.
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