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FireDictionary ver0.12 release(2013/9/8)

Special Thanks for a contributor Mr. Takeshi Hamasaki
By applying his patch, FireDictionary is now available on Firefox 22.

FireDictionary is a Firefox extension that is made by Mozilla project.
FireDictionary provides a simple and powerful dictionary function.
By moving the mouse cursor, a translation appears on the sidebar. FireDictionary finds the translation as a real-time operation when you move the mouse cursor.
FireDictionary uses English-Japanese dictionary GENE95 as a dictionary content, which contains 57,350 words. It's fast to find the translations because the dictionary content is on your PC.
You can add a translation to the history panel on the sidebar. You might have experienced forgetting the translation you've looked for in a dictionary. FireDictionary provides memory in the browser, and it's in your sight, so you don't have to do that again.
FireDictionary works on many kinds of operating systems that accept Firefox like Windows, Mac or Linux. provides this function with triple licenses MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1. It's free to use it for commercial and non-commercial use.
FireDictionary is an extensible platform for multidictionaries. We can also add another dictionary using JavaScript.
Collaborative function with By using this, you can send words in your history of FireDictionary into My List of
Some of the users have added other dictionaries to FireDictionary like Taiwanese to English, English to Japanese medical dictionary, French to Japanese dictionary and so on...
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